Post-Op Day 1

I went in for my post-op check this morning. You know how you tell your doctor things and they sort of believe you, but sort of think maybe you are being a little dramatic or something?
Well, this debris has been a real pain. It’s been driving me crazy and I have tried to tell my doctor how bad it is, and what it is like. There have been times I have thought that maybe my doctor felt I was a Drama Queen. However, yesterday, he finally saw what I have been living with.
Two days flat on my back caused all the debris to float out and into the back of the eye. When the doctor got in there yesterday He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He says he has never seen anything like this before.
He tried a new procedure to remove it. First he went after the large pieces of debris. Then let things settle for a few minutes. Then he went back and removed more debris. Then he waited again. After the third removal, he did the flushing of the internal part of the eye.
He hopes that this is going to take care of the problem. It’s too soon to tell, but he says that if it doesn’t solve the problem there could be another surgery. He says he has never seen anything like this before. He went to his journals and couldn’t find anything written about this. I felt pretty good because he finally realized what I have been trying to tell him. I teased him that he could write a paper about all of this for a medical journal and we could be famous!
So now I have to lie around and take it easy and let my eye heal. Because I’ve had a detached retina in that eye, I must be very careful over the next 10-14 days that I’m not bouncing around or doing anything that might cause the retina to detach once again. I have a little double vision as well, but I am not too worried about that. I also had that after the last surgery. I go back in a week for another post-op exam..
The biggest bummer right now is that I can’t see well enough to read. All I really want to do is lie here in the recliner with Shubi and Greta, and close my eyes.

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  1. I am not sure what is worse. Hearing that your doctor found so much debris or knowing you had to lie on your back for 2 days! Reason for that being????? Thank goodness it sounds like things went well and the doggies were there for you!

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