Weekend Wrap-Up

Recently my life has been full and busy. I was thinking about this, as I drove home from my daughter’s house yesterday, and upon arrive fell into bed for a quick catnap. As I lay snuggled under my blanket, I couldn’t help but think, how wonderful and lucky this is! This could easily have gone another way.

Just a few months ago, I was too sick and too weak to do much of anything. And I will tell you that being that sick is pretty depressing. Now, to be well, with no fever and to have my body running the way it should, really fills me with joy!

The doggies are happy Mommy is well, and if we could just get Jack completely well that would be perfect. Slowly but surely, he is getting back on his feet.


So, after seeing my grandchildren on Saturday, and actually baby sitting for my grandson,



I woke on Sunday and headed home. I think the best part of babysitting your grandchildren is when you arrive and they are so happy to see you. The hardest time, is when it is time to go back home.

Of course on the other end, were Jack and the dogs, who were so happy to see me. Best of all, Jack hadn’t eaten the left-over Pot Roast, so we had that for our dinner last night. The recipe for the Pot Roast will be on Dackel Princess tomorrow. Trust me. It is easy, delicious, and nourishing!

So life is very, very, good, in so many ways! I am a lucky lady!

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