I’m not one of those people who does the heat well. I have friends who love it. In fact they love it so much they have moved, lock, stock and barrel, to Arizona and New Mexico. Me? I don’t like it when it gets over 80. I just don’t like it. I feel tired and stressed and yes, sweaty. And you all know how I feel about sweating, as I have written about it often enough.
Monday was the sort of day that one looks back on and says, “Yep, I got through that one, but it wasn’t pretty!”

I had a 9:30 doctor’s appointment. I got in and he checked me out and sent me to the lab for a gazillion blood tests. I walked down and found a gazillion people waiting to have their blood drawn. I waited for a while, but there were 12 people ahead of me and only 45 minutes that I could wait. You do the math. It just wasn’t going to happen.

I decided to go back after I brought Greta to the Vets. She was going today to have her teeth counted. Okay, I know you are all sitting there thinking I am obsessive compulsive about my dog, but I want to assure you that I am not. You see when Greta goes in front of the German judge in the fall he will check all her teeth and if she does not have them all, I will not be able to register her babies with the Deutscher Teckel Klub. The German version of the AKC. The good news is, not only does she have all of her teeth, but she has a perfect bite! (No she did not bite the Vet in order to prove this!)

Once I was done I dropped Greta off, and went back to get my blood drawn. I walked in just as the woman was leaving on her lunch hour. I was told to come back after 1 o’clock. Again I went home. I was starting to feel like I was meeting myself going up and down our driveway!

The garden continues to mass produce both summer squash and pickling cucumbers. I am amazed at all the food we have. My plan for next year is diversity. I have too few varieties of things. Next year. More!

It’s now 5 PM and 97 degrees. I went out to pick the days vegetables and came back in and I am soaked. I have to wonder how much longer we will have this incredible heat!
Stay cool everyone!

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  1. Hi Mom,
    Well, it’s supposed to be another hot one today, so hope you find a way to stay cool! I hear storms are supposed to move in later, and then we are supposed to get some relief.

    I, on the other hand, will not get the relief. Just as it is cooling off here tomorrow, I hop in a plane for Houston, TX, where I’m working the rest of the week. Will get home Friday night.

    Let me know when your lab results come back how everything looks. Glad Greta’s teeth appt went well too!

    Talk soon!



  2. I was just noticing my dogs might need a teeth cleaning… How cool is it that you daughter comments for you!! my family lurks, never talks. but at least I know they lurk!

  3. Yesterday, my German class learned the word “Dackel”. My teacher even drew a picture of a dackel on the board. He wasn’t too far off, but it made me think about your blog 🙂

    Ew, I don’t like drawing blood.

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