The Dogs Paddle!!!

Yesterday we took the dogs swimming. Fritz is a natural. He will swim out to chase a stick, and he looks so relaxed, that his effortless strokes leaves you amazed at his talent! I was watching him as he swam back to shore and I swear I could see him smiling!

Greta is our biggest surprise. The first year we had her, she hated the water. I despaired that she would ever get used to it. Then last summer we were at the lake playing fetch with Fritz and Shubi, when Greta just jumped in and started to chase the stick as well.
Last night Greta was swimming with delight. Seeing as she is so small, she really has to work at swimming the dog paddle, but she is so happy and just loves to swim that it makes watching her a pleasure.

I would throw Fritz’s stick first and off he would go. Greta would start after Fritz’s stick making the cutest noises of excitement, and I would toss in her stick.
At one point I had tossed her stick and she ignored it. I thought maybe she hadn’t seen it, but she swam right over to Fritz and took the stick out of his mouth!
Even when this girl is in over her head she runs the show!
The funniest thing is, people notice Fritz and not Greta. He is large, white and beautiful and one boy asked if he was a wolf? Once I assured him that Fritz wasn’t a wolf, then he wanted to pat him.
Another person was surprised that Fritz was a German Shepherd and asked if he was a full blooded one. I smiled and said yes. It’s always amazing to me that people still don’t know that there are white shepherds!
Greta doesn’t mind that Fritz was getting all the attention. She is very secure in the fact that she is the most beautiful dog, the most talented dog on the beach.
They both came home after their swims and happily collapsed.

11 thoughts on “The Dogs Paddle!!!”

  1. That it what I love so much…..watching the doggies how they enjoy to swim and play. You know Gill is also a good swimmer and he loves to jump in the lakes. I can see how happy Fritzi and Greta were at the lake!!!! And I can see them smile!
    Love Uschi

  2. I just love the pictures! My parents get a new puppy on Friday and I want them to put her in the pool to start getting used to it. Their dog now HATES the water and will freak out if you put her in it.

  3. We have a black lab that’s so mcuh fun! He’ll jump in the pool with the kids and swim to his heart’s content!
    Love your pics. They look like they are really enjoying themselves !

  4. Dogs and water are two of my favorite things to watch together, especially along the Isar river in Munich. Such fun!

  5. They look like they had SO much fun! My mum’s dogs never much cared for the water, and the dog my ex and I had was strange; she’d go in the water and bury her nose in the sand (underwater) until she found a “prize” of some kind, then she’d rip it out of the water, throw it on land, run to pick it up and go put it elsewhere, then run back to the water to repeat the process all over again!

  6. Daisy doesn’t like to swim and neither does Fergus. I wish I could get them to like it. I think it’s because I traumatized them by taking them into the pool. I wanted to teach them how to get out of the pool in case they ever accidentally fell in. I was always worried about them drowning. Sometimes at a beach I can get them to paddle and swim a bit but that’s the only place.

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