The Kids Are Back

The children are back and have been down several times to play with the dogs. It’s so wonderful to see the dogs playing so happily with the kids. Matina especially, is so good with them. She would do well in a junior handlers program, showing dogs.

Hubby and I barbecued out on Friday night. We prepared the shish kebabs again, but this time we made up a few all vegetable skewars. Fresh summer squash and zuchini from my garden, red onion and a cut up eggplant. I had marinated the entire lot on the Kebab marinade, and I am here to report that it was extremely yummy! Especially the eggplant. In fact the eggplant was so good that I have decided to plant some in our garden next year.
The recipe for the kebab marinade can be found under my cooking section.

We sat out on the patio and ate our dinner. It was so quiet and peaceful and a pleasant way to spend a Friday night. Even the dogs were good little pups.
I had written an entire post about some of my pet peeves. In the blink of an eye Pfft! It was gone. I take this to mean that the Blogging Fairy didn’t approve of the subject matter.

So on this hot, humid and hazy Sunday I plan to do what all intelligent people do. Not a whole lot. I’ll read the Sunday newspaper, maybe go for a quick swim and most of all, enjoy the air conditioners, God Bless them!

5 thoughts on “The Kids Are Back”

  1. *drooling* over the shish kebabs. Sounds like you had fun. I am not normally an AC person except when I sleep but today…it must be so.

  2. That picture of Matina and Greta is adorable! You can tell how much Greta adores her, just by the look in her eye!

    Have a great day!



  3. Hi there
    Just catching up! It’s been a busy week.

    Those kebabs look great! I love doing them too with zucchini, mushrooms, onions, green and red peppers and baby tomatoes. I’ve never tried eggplant. I love serving them with Mexican Rice. It’s a flavour sensation!

    Greta looks like she is really enjoying herself with Matina. They do love to have someone new pay special attention to them don’t they?

    So I’m gonna read the rest of your posts and then off to visit Saturday Photos! Have a good week!


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