A New Smart Phone

After three years, I went in today to buy a new Cell Phone. I’d been thinking about getting an Iphone, but as I talked to the sales person, and tried the different phones I ended up getting, the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has a 14 megapixel camera on both sides, and is fairly easy to use, because my last cell phone was a Galaxy S5.

I came home, charged the cell phone up and then worked setting it up for use. I figure by the weekend, I will be all set, although right now, I am still a little scrambled as I set things up.

I immediately ordered a cute Otter Box for it, and it will be here on Thursday. And then I will be settled with the new phone.

It is certainly thinner and lighter. I will feel so much better when the Otter Box arrives and I know she is protected.

When was the last time you got a new cell phone? And what are you using an Android or an Iphone? Pro’s? Cons?.

3 thoughts on “A New Smart Phone”

  1. I am due for a new phone soon, I think in May. I will get a new I Phone for several reasons, but mostly because it is what I know and feel comfortable with. I will look at a good camera in the one I get since I love taking pictures. Love YOU, Mel

  2. J and I had iPhones for a few years. I just really used to the interface now and would be very reluctant to switch to an Android. I guess you felt the same when you picked your new phone. I hope you enjoy the new toy! 🙂

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