Bye For Now

Good Morning to you all! I leave today to go to my daughter’s house and then we drive down early to Boston, Tuesday for my surgery. Yes the day has finally arrived! I didn’t sleep too much last night, but with the help of the two dogs I made it through.
Today is just the usual getting ready for the “main event”. I plan to keep very busy and then I know the time will fly.
Last night Emily’s family came over for dinner. We had salad and pizza and talked. It’s so nice to get to know her family. Emily was so cute, as she helped us entertain. She feels very much at home here and because she literally knows where everything is, she was a great help.
I taught Hubby how to post an entry on the blog, so he will attempt this after he hears I am out of surgery tomorrow. We won’t know too much until Wednesday morning when they remove the bandages. Then we will know if the operation has been a complete success. He will keep you posted.
Well, it’s time for me to get going and get my work started.
Bye for now.

12 thoughts on “Bye For Now”

  1. You will be in my thoughts until I hear from your husband. I will be ferverently praying and sending healing energy to you and efficacious energy to your doc.

  2. Hi Mom,

    Hope you have a great day today, and I will see you later on tonight. Are you thinking you will be there around 7, 8 or 9? Let’s talk later this afternoon, if you have a few minutes!

    Love you,


  3. Hugs and healing energy from me, too. We’ll look forward eagerly to the news from your hubby!!


  4. It’s Tuesday morning and you are in my thoughts and prayers, as well as all those who will be caring for you today. I feel in my heart that all will be well. Love, Mel

  5. Good Luck — will be crossing everything I’ve got for yah!!

    Heal well and I’ll be waiting to hear from hubby on your recovery.

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