And I’m Off……

I am all showered and dressed, and today I even put on some make-up, so as not to scare small children and old people. Where am I going? To Savannah’s play at the Community Theater, and lunch with the gang before watching the play for a second time.

Seeing the same play twice? You might ask. Why yes! I’m the Oma and Oma’s can do that!

So many family members and friends are coming to Savannah’s play to cheer her on, and I think that is so wonderful. I remember when I was in The Sound of Music in the local Community Theater in Falmouth, I was so happy when my grandparent’s came, as well as family and friends. It made me want to do my very best!


Me as Gretl in The Sound of Music!

There will be pictures of this wonderful event, as soon as I can get them up onto Flickr and downloaded to the blog. Ah yes, the ever proud and loving Oma!

I will also be able to spend time with both grandchildren today and early tomorrow, before attending a Memorial Service and then heading home.

I’m so excited about this that I woke even earlier than usual, giving me plenty of time to get ready. In fact, I’m sitting here, knowing it I left right now, I would be at my daughter’s house and hour and a half early! So, here I sit, coffee mug in hand, passing the time.

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