This Is A Test!

I have been working with GoDaddy to get my comments section unlocked. They have supposedly fixed this, and everyone should be able to comment now. So here is a test, before I pull my account with GoDaddy and move to another Server.

Could you leave a comment on this entry, letting me know if you get through. If it kicks you off and you find you cannot comment, please write me and let me know. My email is:  dackelprincess (at)

I am working furiously to get the comment section fixed so I can once again hear from all of you!

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “This Is A Test!”

  1. Just letting you know, I can comment! Have been a long time reader, just never commented,I really do enjoy your blog!

  2. Hi Maribeth, it looks like I am able to comment. I really enjoy hearing about your family and your doggies. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from this coming weekend. Hugs, Betty

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