We Were Down!

Mama said there’ll be days like this
There’ll be days like this mama said
(Mama said, Mama said)

IMG_0373 (2)

I woke up on Sunday morning only to discover that Dackel Princess was down and out. I thought perhaps my Web Maven was working on a few issues I’d been having, but she came right back to assure me that it wasn’t her and to contact GoDaddy to have them work the problem.

I did just that, and after nearly an hour on the phone with them, they finally had to admit the problem was on their end of things and that they’d be working on it.

Somehow this doesn’t reassure me.

Right now I am looking at losing the last 7-8 years of my blogging. Why? Well, somehow I didn’t back up the blog! There I have said it! I need to remember to weekly back up the blog. That is if I get it back.

Right now I am feeling queasy and my head aches. When I think of all of the work, all of the hours spent at the computer, it makes me sick with fear!


About 2 PM I was contacted that Dackel Princess had been revived! The first thing I did was back up all my files, all 18 years of blogging.

It’s funny but when I thought of all the things I have written in the last 18 years I was so worried that I’d lost them. How on earth does one recreate the feelings you had the first time you held your grandchildren? The first time you watched your dog have puppies? or the happiness you felt when you made your first batch of peach jam?

It’s all backed up now, and I will continue to run backups each week. Meanwhile, I would love to print out the entire blog. I’m sure at this point it will be the length of “War and Peace”, but at least I will have it in front of me and I will not stress nearly as much. Or will I?

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