Live, Laugh, Love

I spent Saturday with my grandchildren. What a great way to spend the day. Many of the women I know, still look at their grandchildren as being wonderful to “see”, but still do not spend time with them. This is something I do not understand. I guess you could say I’m a very modern Oma.

I grew up during a time when “children should be seen but not heard” was how it was. When I was very little I recall climbing into bed with my Grandma Honey, and cuddling a minute, only to be brought into the parlor, given a toy, and told to play quietly, and not to disturb anyone. It was just how it was

My children’s Grammie Alice was wonderful. She was never too busy for the kids, and always wanted to listen to them. In many ways, I am trying to be the kind of grandmother that my former mother-in-law was. Always there, always in the moment, and always reveling in her grandchildren.

So, while down to babysit the kids while their Mommy and Daddy had a date night, I spent time listening to Savannah. All her stories about Disney World, about her school, and about her ideas. She has so many ideas, and her stories about Disney were amazing! I love hearing her thoughts.

I remember when she was a baby, and I held her in my arms, I told her that I could hardly wait until I knew what was going on in her mind. At birth, I looked into those eyes and I knew there was an incredible little girl in there, she just needed to figure out how to talk to me. And now, at the age of almost six, she is a true communicator!

And darling Quinn, just two years old in March, is starting to get his thoughts across too. I think part of it is that he mimics Savannah, but the other part is that we make Snapchats and send them back and forth to each other. Quinn knows I am his Oma and he tells me things like, “Hi Oma! I love you!” without too much prompting.

I was watching a movie with Savannah after Quinn fell asleep, and Savi cuddled up next to me and she put her hand up and patted my curls. She was sweet and loving, and I enjoyed every moment.

I have learned in my life to enjoy every moment with my daughter and grandchildren. Those moments mean the very most to me. I asked Savi, “Who do I love more than anything in the Universe?” She laughed and said, “Mommy, Me and Quinn!” Then I asked her, “Who is Oma’s Joy?” And again, she said “Savannah and Quinn”.


Every day, I am thankful for the love in my life. I am so very blessed!

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