Another Shubi Tail!

Written in 1996

Shubi and Max and the Long Hot Walk

The morning was bright and cool. The mom and dad decided to take the puppers Shubi and Max for a walk. The dad was still on crutches, so the mom held both leads to the fur kids. Down the sidewalk toward the big field they went.

Shubi and Max took turns being the lead pup. Occasionally there was something good to sniff and the whole group stopped to allow the puppers to sniff. Then on they would go.

At the end of the road, they turned and headed back. Shubi and Max were both getting tired and hot. Even a cool morning in Florida in the summer eventually becomes a hot one.

Suddenly Shubi just lay down in her frog-like pose on the grass. “Come on Shubi!” The Mom said. But Shubi was too hot and too tired to move. The mom pulled on the leash that was attached to Shubi’s harness. Shubi remained prone. Mom dragged a bit and Shubi thought that felt pretty good and continued to lie there being dragged through the grass. Finally, the mom picked up the hot and tired little pup and carried her a while getting muddy footprints on her chest.


A lady stopped and commented that the puppers looked like Mutt and Jeff from the cartoons as Shubi is a little thing at 13 pounds and big brother Max weighs in at 125 pounds!

The Dad said what a nice pup Shubi was. But that it was too bad they had to cut off her legs! (Shubi was not amused, but Max was). The astonished lady walked away quickly and did not respond.

Soon they were home and Shubi and Max stood on the steps in the pool and cooled down. After, they were so tired they needed to take a long nap, with the mom.

The Mom got up after an hour, but the pups still slept. Another day, another adventure. When she woke up, Shubi’s first question was…”when’s dinner!”

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  1. It reminds me of the time I took our puppy on a walk for charity – she walked the first half and ended up in my beach bag for the second half!

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