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Since there is no Wednesday Hodgepodge this week I will write about a few things that I have been doing and also thinking about.

The Peach Tree died this afternoon. Jack set about cutting it down and I somehow felt I should go out and play taps. Truly it is a sad day for me. I loved that tree.

There is a bear in our neighborhood. The bear attacked an unsuspecting Bob-House (an ice fishing house) and did quite a number on it. I worry about the little dogs mostly. You know, they are snack size. I do not worry about Lili. We have a Yorkie living next door and Lili is terrified of it! She can run faster than any bear, that is for sure!

I’m enjoying watching the French Open Tennis. I wish I was coordinated enough to play tennis, but I am not. I do, however, enjoy watching these fantastic athletes!

Tomorrow I will be running around doing errands, but I will also be getting together with some of my friends for lunch. I am so excited about that!

Have a great Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “This & That”

  1. When my mother was still a live we had a bear in basement. She just got done making a pear pie. I guess the bear want a piece of pie.
    Poor bear got beat with a broom.

    Coffee is on

  2. A bear! One time my mother just finish baking a pear pie and some how a bear got into her basement.
    She chase it out with a broom…poor little bear.

    I do enjoy hodge podge meme.

    Coffee is on

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