Here I am on Sunday night, my first week back at Weight Watchers, and I have not strayed at all. I’m reading and planning and so far I find that there is plenty to eat to fill myself up. The key here has been the planning.


I’m trying to eat as many fish, chicken and vegetable meals, as I can. It seems to be working as I have not been overcome with hunger. I am also drinking a lot of water and iced tea.

I wasn’t sure I could handle my withdrawal from sugar, but so far I have done very well. I also plan meals and snacks with as many Zero point foods as I can. Trust me, there are plenty of those.

My weigh in is Wednesday and I am anxious to see how I have done. I really hope that I have lost enough weight to spur me on. I admit to being easily discouraged.

We shall see.


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  1. Danterous are all better to drink water or a glass of wine. I seldom make steaks, they have no taste anymore here, so we mostly eat chicken, fish, or turkey with lots of vegetables always ! I think that’s a healthy food !

  2. You find sugar in fruits which have no calories, like apples for example. I eat a lot of vegetables salads, chicken just as you say, because I love it not for weight purposes. And I have the chance not to be a “sweet girl” only from time to time I suddenly want to eat chocolate _

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