Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Describe your 30’s in one sentence. If you’re not yet 30 tell us one thing you hope to accomplish once you hit that particular decade.

It was a decade of learning, living and trying to find balance, as I traveled the world and saw places I’d only dreamed about.


Me standing on top of the Wall in Berlin, Germany, shortly after it “came down” and Germany was reunified.

2. Is it harder for you to exercise or eat healthy?

Both. It always has been, but last week I returned to Weight Watchers and I actually love their new plan. I’m eating well, feeling satisfied, and starting to move better as well.

3. June 7th is National VCR Day. Huh? Anyway this reminded me of something I saw on Facebook listing household items we no longer have and the VCR was on it. I couldn’t put my hands on that list, but found another list here of 21 items we all had ten years ago, but which are now obsolete-

Still have my VCR, Joyce. I am so retro! LOL!

bookshelves (WHAT!!???)
drip coffee makers,
Yes. And used every single day.
alarm clocks,
file cabinets,
desktop computers,
printed phone books,
answering machines,
fax machines,
paper shredders,
a Rolodex,
CD racks,
CD burners,
china cabinets,
home phones,
entertainment consoles,
Sort of.
DVD players,
takeout menus,
incandescent light bulbs,
and cable TV


Your thoughts? How many on the list do you still have? Still, use?

I still have almost all of them, (see list above) and I still use them all.

4. What’s something you see disappearing in the next ten years?

Oh, I am not sure. I do know that my husband’s much love, 15+-year-old flip-phone will become obsolete as Verizon will no longer support the signal, as of January 1, 2019. He is not thrilled, even though I have gotten my old Galaxy S5 cleaned up and programmed just for him. He hates change of any kind though.

5. How did you celebrate your birthday this past year? Is that typical?

It was a very nice, quiet family dinner. That’s usually how we do it. Nothing big, but my daughter made a great meal and cake!


Quinn feeding Oma (me) my cake!

Later this year, (November) is my 60th Birthday and I hope there will be some sort of special celebration!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

I saw the sun briefly on Tuesday morning before the clouds returned and also some rain. I’m hoping it clears up before later on this afternoon. I must drive over the mountain here, for my test, and would really enjoy the drive more if it was sunny.


5 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge”

  1. We have finally had a couple of sunny days in a row and I was so ready! So much rain this spring! I’m visiting my mom later this month and she wants to get an iphone and wants me to help her with it. My daughter asked who will help me help her-ha! She’s kind of right. I hope someone plans a fun birthday celebration for your 60th this year : ) Enjoy your day!

  2. Well I hope you have a good birthday celebration this year. I’m 60 next year and hoping to get away for a weekend around that time with all the kids, spouses and now grandchildren.

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