The Friday Five

Here we are, another week went by and it’s Friday!

So, here are the things on my mind, as this week comes to a close.

  1. First on my list is traffic! How do people drive in heavy traffic, day after day, without losing their minds? I got stuck in a terrible traffic jam in, of all places, Nashua, NH. I literally went 5 MPH for almost an hour, only to find out that it was a broken down Public works truck in the fast lane. My biggest question is…why didn’t they move the darn truck so that the rush hour traffic could get through? It was very frustrating. What I did in the end, to escape the total madness, was put on some music and car dance! It got me the trough the traffic.
  2. My doctor’s appointment went okay. I need more testing done before we decide what to do. This means two more trips to Nashua in the next 10 days.
  3. This is the last weekend of Motorcycle Week. Mostly it has been okay, but I am quite sick of the constant drone of the motorcycles, riders that ride tandem, so that they take up as much space on the road as a wide load truck, and what I like to call the rockers. They ride their bikes down the road weaving back and forth coming dangerously close to the centre line, and even going over it at times. The news is always full of what automobile drivers should be doing to protect the motorcycles, but what about the cyclists taking care of themselves?
  4. My daughter took this great picture of Savannah and me at her graduation. I’d gotten her a little outfit for her graduation gift.
  5. Another great week at WW. I lost another pound. I am really loving the new Plan. I am finding it easy to stay on. I think because you really can eat anything, and many of the foods are part of the Zero Point foods. In many ways, I feel like I am finally learning how to eat correctly!

One thought on “The Friday Five”

  1. The traffic here in southeastern Virginia is the worst I have ever seen anywhere. People are so reckless and inconsiderate. There are accidents constantly that tie up the traffic forever. Have you heard of gaper’s delay? It’s when everyone slows down to gape at an accident, thereby making even more of a traffic jam! And I agree, when there is a breakdown, move the vehicle out of the traffic lanes! Have a great weekend.

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