Getting Ready

I’m taking a trip, in my car, to Falmouth, on Cape Cod, with my granddaughter, Savannah! I am very excited about this trip and have planned for every contingency. Sun, sand, cloudiness and rain. (Bite your tongue, it will not rain!)

I have my beach cart, beach chairs, umbrella, beach blanket and towels, cooler, sandwich fixings, (PB&J) drinks, (water and apple juice boxes) and best of all, beach toys for Oma and Savi to use while they play in the sand!


My super duper beach cart. Proving I am getting old and can no longer function like a pack mule!

Now you all know of my great love of Falmouth, and the beaches, especially Surf Drive Beach, so this trip is a big deal for me, and I hope for Savannah too!


Me at Surf Drive a few years ago. My how I love this beach!

I have side trips planned to the Woods Hole Aquarium, a great playground at the Mullen-Hall School, where I actually attended grade school, as well as to a special candy shop, where a good friend works. I will not go crazy, but I will allow Savi to pick out a couple of pieces of candy. Not much. Maureen, here we come!

There is a great Crepe Shop in town and I think I may take Savi there for a meal. What’s better than a nice thin pancake spread with peanut butter and jelly? Their crepes are so good and I think she will love it! There is a crepe there with brie cheese that is to die for, and Oma shall have that one! There is also a Dairy Queen and I can see at least one ice cream cone in our future.

My sister Melodie is down there right now and we will be spending beach time with Auntie Mel and Uncle Ron as well. They have plans each night, but that is fine. Savannah and I will do our thing and then we will go back to the motel for sleep.


So Sunday I plan to pack my suitcase. Making a list, as I put each item into my duffel bag. I must make sure to pack my rash guard shirts (these keep you from burning) hats, sunglasses and most importantly sunscreen! On Monday I will take the list and add to it as I put things into the Highlander. Then first thing Tuesday morning, I am off to get my girl!


Let the adventure begin!


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  1. Have a wonderful time!!!! when my house sells I am going to spend a month in Michigan with my son and his family and my grandsons!!!

  2. Wow, that’s great ! and the funniest thing is I will do almost the same ! on Thursday I will go to Amsterdam and stay with Toby because school holidays have started and the parents work. As they live 10 min walk from the sea our plan is to go each day to the beach ! So we will be both with our grandchildren laying and playing on the beach ! Falmouth is beautiful I have been there in the 80th !!

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