The Fridge

Have any of you ever opened your fridge and not recognized any of the contents? Honestly, this morning I opened the door to get some cream for my coffee and it looked like a bomb had blown up in there.

I have several household chores that I really hate doing. I really dislike filing, scrubbing the toilet, and dusting. All are Ugh! chores. But at the very top of my list is thoroughly cleaning the fridge.

Today, since things were in such chaos, and I leave Jack tomorrow for a few days, I decided that a thorough cleaning had to be done! I pulled absolutely everything out of the fridge. As I was pulling each item out, I opened and check it out. I checked for mold, date of purchase, etc.


I will not give you the number of items growing mold, after all, who knows, perhaps I have science experiments going on in there. I also will not reveal how many items had expired. *Groan*,  I will say that is was a very good day to do this, as it will make my absence easier for Jack to handle. He will be able to find foods that are not going to poison him!

I washed each shelf and drawer and carefully put the fridge back together. This time I left a little more room on the middle shelf, as this is the one that is easiest for Jack to see.

I bought him some Hungryman TV Dinners, and he has some Frozen Breakfast Meals he likes too. I also purchased some fresh P&P Loaf for sandwiches, oh yes, and fresh bread.

So, the fridge is clean, and now all I need to do is clean and organize the Freezer Compartment. That’s on my list for this afternoon. Crazy, yes. But I guess it simply must be done.

Pass me my mittens!


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  1. I’m with you on scrubbing the toilet, dusting, and cleaning out the fridge but I don’t mind filing so much. Maybe because I don’t do it very often…and that’s not a good thing as the stack gets quite high!

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