Oma & Savannah’s Adventure-Day One

I picked up Savannah pretty early on Tuesday.  Mandy and Matt both advised me to wait an hour before heading to the Cape to avoid the traffic. So we left at 9 o’clock and moved right on down the road.

The Adventure Begins!

As we drove along Savannah sang her songs, and played with her iPad, and I could hear her sweet voice. It was that very moment that I decided that Savannah is the perfect riding companion. Part of me fell in love with her all over again.


Her sweetness, her funny jokes, and her laughter were wonderful. I listened, I marveled, that I was lucky enough to be Savannah’s Oma. And that she is my granddaughter.

We arrived in Falmouth about 11:15 and since I was passing the Town Hall and knew I would need a notarized Birth Certificate, as well as Marriage Certificate, I swung in and got copies of both. An old friend, from long ago days is the Town Clerk and it was so fun to see Suzanne after all these years.

We checked into our hotel room and unpacked. And then, met up with my sister Melodie and her husband Ron for lunch. It was fun and we enjoyed seeing them.


Mel mentioned that some old friends of ours were meeting at their rental house at 3 o’clock. Bob was my Guidance Counselor in High School. I have not seen him in years and it certainly was fabulous to see him and his wife.

We stayed for not quite an hour, and then we left, stopping briefly at a few places before returning to the hotel to change into our swimsuits. We decided to sit for a bit and unwind from our busy day.


Then we were there. At the beach of my youth, Surf Drive Beach. Looking out over the water, I could see a lifetime of moments spent there. And then, there was Savannah.


Running in and out of the small waves. Laughing in the surf, talking to the late afternoon seagulls, and building a sand castle with me. Those were quickly knocked down, as the tide was coming in. New moments being made in my life, with my dearest granddaughter.


Our day ended with a Happy Meal for Savannah of Chicken Nuggets, and a “Happy Meal” for me of Fried Whole belly Clams! We picked everything up and came back to our room where we ate, and talked to Mandy on the phone. The first day is going down in the books as an amazing success!

Footnote: While we enjoyed a hot sunny day here on Cape Cod, most all of Massachusetts and New Hampshire had flooding rains and high winds! I had asked the Weather Gods to bless me with good weather for my trip with Savannah and it seemed that they worked their magic!

3 thoughts on “Oma & Savannah’s Adventure-Day One”

  1. We are old enough to be grandparents to our niece Little Jo. She is eleven, a little older than your granddaughter. Like your granddaughter, Little Jo would have spend would have played with a device during a long trip, read and sang. But at eleven years old, we think she is starting to realise that we are old and boring, though she does still love cooking and craft with Uncle R and that I am the tech person and the fixer of things. Funnily after R and I discussed this one night recently, the next day Mother made similar remarks. Treasure the time with your granddaughter. Oh, I feel a bit teary.

  2. Sounds wonderful Maribeth! I’m so glad you’re making these sweet special memories with your granddaughter. Enjoy every minute!

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