Well, I Must Be Crazy!

For a few years, I had a cute collage of my family on my fridge. My problem? I am so lazy, I had not done one since Quinn’s birth, two and a half years ago. So when I got this coupon from Walgreens, I set about designing a collage of my little family.


I think it came out really well, and it makes me smile when I look at it.

Meanwhile, we’re rearranging our Office Room and adding a full-size bed. After a great deal of shopping, I finally convinced Jack that the best price was on Amazon.com. It’s been ordered and should be here on Friday!

After going through a bunch of useless crap items on the office shelves and filling a wastepaper basket, something distracted me and led me to our linen closet. I opened the door and started tossing things on the floor and in piles. Things to donate to the homeless shelter, throw out, or freshen and return to the linen closet.

I am not sure why I started on the closet because as I got more involved, it became apparent that this is a giant task! I must be crazy!

There is no stopping now, but there has been a serious slowdown, as my neck and shoulders can only do so much in one day. (This is my story and I am sticking to it!)

Once done, this closet will be amazingly organized and anyone can go in and find what they need easily. Best of all, after I launder the towels in there, it will smell lovely and fresh.

I did find my puppy kit. All the things I used when I was breeding the girls. Colored neck bands to distinguish each pup, my surgical sheers, and a warming block. Much of this I cannot use any longer, but the sheers and warming block I can definitely put to use.

I also found a box of wires and cords. Some I know what they are, but some, I have no idea. So while I watch the tennis today, I will be going through that box to see if there is anything to salvage. I suspect not!

Tuesday I plan a day of washing much of these sheets, towels, and tablecloths. Then carefully folding them and organizing the shelves.

After the linen closet is done, I will go back into the office and dust vacuum, and wash windows getting this room done, once and for all!

This poor room is so neglected really. Since laptops became the rage, we almost never go into the office, except for Income Tax time. Now that we will have this fixed up as a nice guest room we can entertain more if we would like.

Happy Monday to Everyone and Happy Labor Day to all in the USA!

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