And So It Goes…

The cleaning goes on!

I bagged 22 bath towels today to go to the Homeless Shelter. They’re all clean and in good condition. And here is what I kept…20 bath towels! I am not even sure how I fit 42 bath towels in that closet, but I did! The first load of towels to be freshened and returned to the closet are now in the wash.

It is 95 degrees here in New Hampshire as I write. The humidity is so high that my usually curly hair is just a mass of frizz! Not my best hair day by far.

I did go through the box of jumbled wires and cords. I even found a set of Rabbit Ears for the TV! Not that they would even work now, so I tossed those in the trash bin, after I showed Jack and we had a bit of a laugh.

Since the last time I went through this box (which reminded me of Christmas lights, all tangled and useless) I realized that times have changed, all the mess of wire and cords were almost completely out of date! It made the cleaning easier. Right into the bin, it went!

My darling Greta.

40658704_305616050171338_5743309424458465280_n copy

During the day we noted that Greta is not feeling even close to good. We’ve been having long talks. The kind that is never easy.

I was at a party over the weekend and I was in a group shot. When I saw the picture, my first thought was, “Thank God, I have returned to Weight Watchers!” In fact, I plan to print out a small picture for my wallet, in the event that I lose my mind and want to go out for foods that are not on my eating plan! Only when I have a wonderful after, will I share the before!

Did anyone else experience a break in Facebook yesterday? My account went down about 4:30 PM and was down for about an hour. Very strange, really. Facebook has never gone down like that on me.

Have a great week everyone!



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  1. I have heard you can hire someone to come in to untangle your Christmas lights. Yes, get rid of any lights that are not LED. My FB would not work in FB’s early days. I worked it out later that it was in the middle of installing an update, downloaded by free public wifi when the wifi was lost, so it was not a workable state. Just a thought that the same could be an issue for yours.

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