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  • I was wearing my winter coat for the first time on Thursday and I found $13.00 in the pocket! This made me very happy because I almost never find money!
  • About a week ago I was able to touch and pat Mr. Toad. It was exciting for me.
  • P9040004 (2)

    Since then, our weather has been growing colder and Mr. Toad has gone into hibernation.  I sure will miss him. See you in the Spring.

  • I returned to Lenscrafters today because my new glasses were not right. I felt seasick wearing them. I thought I simply needed to get used to them, but the more I wore them the worse I felt! The doctor examined me, and then the manager of the store came out and she examined the glasses. It turns out an error in their construction was causing the problem. She said that this almost never happens. However, I think if it would happen to anyone in the world it would happen to me.
  • For the third time this week we ate lunch at a Chinese Buffet. As much as I love Chinese food, I am over Chinese for a little while.
  • Three weeks until my biopsy. My Dermatologist says he is not worried. I have a small pea size lump on my left eyebrow.
  • 42107117750_cef6b94aa3_b

    More than likely it is just scar tissue from my previous surgeries. But come November 6th we will finally know. Just a tad nervous.

  • Jack was finally able to get a Flip-Phone for the handicapped.
  • Kyocera_Cadence_Open

    I don’t recall if I mentioned but he has no feeling in his fingers anymore. (Agent Orange related) He tried my old Samsung Galaxy S5, but it was big and bulky and hard to use. The new Flip-Phone answers when it opens and the call ends when you shut it.

  • Has anyone else been watching “This Is Us”? I think this is the best season ever. Perhaps because we know all the characters so well.


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