Fall Back For Fun!

Sunday was a fun day! I do not usually say that on the Sundays after the clocks change, but today was different.

I woke up at 6 AM which was actually 7 AM. I turned on the coffee, and then I grabbed my robe, hat, gloves, and coat, and walked the dogs. It was still pretty windy, and now the cold had set in. 27 degrees! Brrrrrr!

I got myself cleaned up, did my hair, put on a little make-up and was out of the house by 7:45.

I had to stop and tank up the Highlander, and then I proceeded to pretty much fly down the road to South Nashua where the closest Trader Joe’s is. I wanted to get there first because I was looking for a certain item, and last year they sold out the first few days of November.

As soon as I got into the store I went right to the area where they keep the item I was interested in. I turned the corner, and there it was!


They had three boxes of Stollen with Marzipan (a personal favorite from childhood!) and I quickly snached all three of them. I saw the manager and asked him if there were more. He told me that the Stollen came in on November first and those were the last three boxes!

I recall last year I went in around Thanksgiving and they were sold out. I’d decided that since I was going to be in the area…and a good thing I was. Not only did I get what I wanted, but the sale price was perfect too! I’m still floating on clouds!

Next, I went to find the Nurnberger Lebkuchen. I love these. Many people like sugar cookies at Christmas. Not me. I was raised eating these German delights! Aunt Hedwig made them, Grandma made them and so did Mom, although these weren’t her favorites.


When I checked out of the store I was walking on air. All these things are packaged to remain fresh until Christmas and I am so very happy!

Next, I drove over to the LL Bean Outlet. I’d hoped to find something for me, but there was nothing. However, they did have two beautiful shirts for Jack. So, I bought them for him!

After that, I stopped at a place called The Christmas Tree Shop and I purchased napkins for the Thanksgiving table. They are cute with a spray of Thanksgiving flowers on them and a turkey. A little hokey, I know, but they are nicely made and will be pretty on the table.

About 11:30 I started to feel very hungry and I looked around for something to eat. I saw a Chinese Buffet and so my car steered me into that. It was an amazing place with an abundance of food. They had 10 steam tables with food. Honestly, it anyone left there hungry it was their own fault.

After that, I drove over to the High School where they were having the Play. The place was huge! I looked around trying to decide where I should park. Needless to say, I parked in a really bad spot and walked a lot to get in. No kidding. And might I just add that whoever designed this parking lot is a moron!

I found the auditorium, and eventually got in and located seats, Mandy and Matt and his folks all showed up right after, as well as some of Mandy’s and Savi’s friends.


The play was “101 Dalmation’s Kids”. They all did a great job and it was a lot of fun to watch them.


This is Savannah’s headshot for the cast roll. I swear their photographer is very good. They always get such cute pictures of the kids. I love this one because it shows all of her lost teeth!

All too soon the day down south ended and I needed to hit the road and head home. There wasn’t much traffic and I made great time. Best of all I got in before the sun set.

It was a wonderful day and I must say that I really enjoyed myself, and Savannah was truly wonderful!

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  1. A very satisfying day by the sound of it. Our friend whose funeral we went to today had a German sister in law and I guess it was from her he and his brother picked up the word stollen. We went on to use the word for many years which meant for us food that was heavy, filling and probably bad for you. I think one year they ever issued an invitation to friends to come around for some Christmas stollen. Otherwise, I have never heard nor now hear the word.

    Does Savannah sing, All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth?

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