Another Great Day

Sunday was Veterans Day. Many places offered free meals for Veterans. Naturally, Jack wanted his meal, so off we went at lunchtime for a nice meal.

Jack had a wonderful piece of roasted pork tenderloin with a balsamic glaze, and I opted for a burger. The food was really good and we enjoyed being out and about.

Jack also decided that today would be a good day to take me shopping for my birthday gift. There is a women’s store nearby that I love. Talbot’s. I just love their clothes.

A chair was situated at the back of the store near the dressing room for him to sit on. We’d selected a bunch of clothes, and I would try them on, and then show him. It was fun and I got a whole bunch of stuff for the winter months. One sweater, in particular, I just adore. I put it on and I felt like it was made for me!


It may not look like much on the hanger, but on me, it looks great! It will look nice with black, brown or white slacks. So pretty.

Jack also bought me a bunch of new tops, another sweater, and two pairs of slacks. I am all set for the winter!


Now before you all think that I went hog wild, I must tell you that this was an Outlet Store, (everything was marked down 50%) and I had fantastic Coupons! In fact, I love Coupons and I got all of this for half of what it would have cost. So trust me when I say that this was a steal!

I’ve always been a bargain shopper/hunter. I hate to pay full price for anything, and after living with a Scotsman for 30+ years I am perhaps cheaper than he is!

This was so much fun and I think even Jack enjoyed the process.


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  1. Love the sweater and everything else as well. You both have excellent taste. Wishing you an early Happy Birthday

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