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We’re joining Terri at Your Friend From Florida

1.  With the holidays coming, what is your most essential appliance to help you prepare for the celebrations?

The oven, of course. So much of what I do is done by cooking or baking in the oven.

2.  What is your favorite (clean) word?

Well, the one I say a lot (too much) is “you know“? (I know that’s two, but I say it far too much!) The word I believe is my favorite is “Love“.

3.  Are you a good judge of character?

I try to be, but what I do is bring people home to meet my dachshunds. They are the best judges of character. If they don’t like someone, I head the other way.

I do have a certain moral code I live by and I would expect anyone I have a long-term relationship to share those values.

4. What is the last thing you took a picture of? Can you share it with us?

I took this picture so I could show my sister and cousin a necklace I bought at the Christmas Bazaar. It was on a jewelry table and I got it for $1.00! It is blown glass, actually quite heavy and I love it!


5. Tomorrow, November 15, is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. How do you intend to celebrate?

Hmmmm. I guess I will clean out the fridge! lol! Actually, we are going out to lunch with our neighbor. We seem to be doing lunch a lot lately. That’s fine with me!

6. Tell us something random about your week!

Well, today seven of us from our WW Class will be going out for lunch. Two of us are celebrating our sixtieth birthdays, and so we chose the Wednesday in the middle to celebrate them both! Isn’t that a nice thing?


The Birthday Cards are building up. I am waiting to open them until Saturday the actual day of my birth!

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  1. Well, happy birthday a few days early!! I will be 67 in a few weeks. Welcome to the 60s!! Thanks for joining in today!! I enjoyed your answers! That necklace for only $1.00 is awesome!! I love hearts and have several… I would have had to fight you for that one if I was there! LOL

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