This & That On A Saturday

The sky was bright, but despite that, the trees are now all bare, there is snow on the ground, and it is cold. Saturday was one of those ho-hum mid-winter days. But wait…it’s not mid-winter yet! In fact, technically, winter has not even begun.

Saturday had me thinking about so many things.

When I woke up it was still dark. I came out and put the Christmas Tree lights on. We may only have a small tree, but when it is dark, and the lights are sparkling in the dark, it is magic!

Christmas tree

Our darling Shubi, who was our first wire-haired dachshund, would have been 23 years old. We got her on a whim while visiting our friends, Lucie, and Otto in Bavaria. Shubi was an amazing pup. She stole our hearts and helped me in so many ways.


I adored that doggy more than I could ever say. So, today when I thought of her, I smiled and recalled all of those wonderful moments that we shared. The picture above was the last picture taken of the two of us before she passed to Rainbow Bridge, so many years ago.

My husband is a disabled Veteran. He has severe mobility issues that are getting worse. He has a handicapped placard for our car so he can still get out to the store.
Today, as he was struggling to get into our car, a woman came running over chastising him for bumping the car door into her “new car”. She was not at all polite.
My husband noted that her car was fine (it was) and she told him to be more careful!
People, she was parked on the line, next to a handicapped space (which is extra wide for this reason!).

While she was all worried about her flipping car, I thought about how my husband became disabled, through his service to our Country!
If you are really worried about your new cars getting dinged, then don’t park them next to a handicapped space. Especially on the line! We do the best we can, but things can happen.

I came home and did a little housework, made lunch and noted we got our first Christmas Card! Yay! I also had a box in the mail, with a mini travel blow drier. I usually do not need to have one because the hotels all have them now, but the second half of my trip is to go and visit people, and I will need a small blow drier to do my hair. It is cute, works well, and is very small!

Dinner is leftovers and I imagine it will be an early night for Arnie and me. I like to snuggle and get all comfy in bed on a cold winter’s night!


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  1. Your tree is just right and I am sure looks festive (as you described it) when it is dark and those are the only lights on! Your precious pup looks like she was so sweet!! We also have a Handicapped tag for our car, actually for my bad knees but I use it more for Joe with his heart issues and breathing problems. I agree with you and just fee sad when people are so nasty and don’t understand.

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