The Christmas Season $$$


Yesterday was one of those expensive days at our house. It all started in the morning. I had made a nice breakfast and after finishing it up, I returned to my recliner to sit down. I reached for the handle to pull up the footrest and the handle came off in my hand!

Now this is a dual reclining loveseat, and the other side had died a year ago, I knew that my fate was sealed! A new chair will need to be found in the coming weeks. Currently, I have an old hassock to put my feet up on, but it is darn uncomfortable. So, a shopping we will go.

Right after that disaster, Jack turned on his computer and got the blue screen of death. I tried all sorts of magic, including going into safe mode and having Windows 10 do their repair. It was a no go!

I had just (two days before) completely backed up Jack’s computer! I know, it was really sheer luck. So, since we have an old desktop in the office, I installed his bookmarks and mail program on that machine.

I wish I were a bit more computer savvy because it took me a couple of hours to do all that because one file would not transfer/ I have figured it out now.

He knew what he wanted and we went online and began to search. Finally, I found a great machine, with a Solid State hard drive and the price was right.

His new machine will arrive next week!

Of course, while doing the dinner dishes, with the new laptop ordered, suddenly, Jack’s laptop came on, and apparently it is fixed. Or is it? Since he really hate that laptop, I told him to forget about it and enjoy the new one. Merry Christmas. But I am a bit thrilled that I got into Safe Mode and actually made the repair! It wasn’t fast, but what I did worked!

Today I am off to Mandy’s house to babysit the kids in the afternoon. I’d offered to do this so Mandy and Matt could go out. I hope they have a great time. I know I will!


4 thoughts on “The Christmas Season $$$”

  1. Computer troubles are just as frustrating as car troubles, I think! We have used Carbonite for years to keep our computers backed up (hourly) and when we get a new computer, we just do a download and everything, including most of the programs, come back magically! Worth every penny to let Carbonite do the work for us. Let us know when you get your new recliner!!

  2. I wouldn’t undersell what people our age can do with computers, even with our limited knowledge. Many young people would not have the patience or the experience of using desktop or laptop computers. While some say, ask a young person to this or that or set up something, in my experience the outcome may not be good. Patience, logic and the ability to work through something is how you achieved what you did.

    Our desktop is half spinning disk, which I use for storage, and half solid state which has the operating system on it, and it is lightning fast. I think the spinning disk will disappear altogether in the future.

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