Phishers & Scammers

Well, it seems the Spammers and the Phishers are really out there in full force.

Monday morning I got a call (On my landline) from a woman with a very heavy accent telling me she was from Amazon and she asked are you Maribeth and she read my email address to me.

Red flags waved in front of my eyes and alarms went off in my head! Amazon never calls you for things. They might send an email if there is an account problem, but NEVER do they call asking you for your information!

I told her I didn’t know who the heck she was and that was it.

As soon as I got off the phone I initiated a Customer Service Call from Amazon. I had the woman’s phone number (Not Amazon!) and he directed me to not only change my password with Amazon but with my email server as well.

Done and Done!

It is kind of creepy to think that the Phishers and Scammers are out there in full force! I guess it’s the New Year thing, but really, what a pain in the arse! I am running out of things to use as passwords. I had to sit here and think for a moment before I came up with a couple of new ones to use.

I know the reason why these dishonest people do this, but I hate that they do.

I would never take anything from someone in this manner and it just really just makes me pretty angry.

I think I will make a few more password changes while I’m at it.


3 thoughts on “Phishers & Scammers”

  1. I’ve gotten calls from “the IRS” threatening arrest if I didn’t pay up.

    A few years ago I got an email from “the FBI” threatening arrest. What made that one scary was that it was sent to my work email. My work email was Everyone in my department got the same email. Corporate security was not amused.

  2. Our techie guy (and our friend) had everyone at work using LastPass for passwords. It is free and works great! You only have one password to remember (and it is suggested that you use a complete sentence with proper punctuation, etc.) A long password you will remember and let LastPass do the rest of the work. I love it.

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