Things That Make You Go “Awwwwwww”

My resume is growing. I went from being a Canine Mid-wife, to Canine Puppy Nurse. What a wonderful job this is! I weigh them, I make sure that they find their Mom and that they stay nice and warm.

Overnight on Monday I was awakened by Greta as she literally jumped on the mattress I was sleeping on, barely missing my head. Have I mentioned that I am sleeping on a twin bed mattress on the floor next to the whelping box?

In any case, she needed to go out. This was the first time she wanted to go out on her own. Of course she was frantic to get back inside and back to her babies as soon as she could. I had to keep a leash on her so that I could get her little pants on her before I let her go and she raced back to her kids!

She’s fun to watch. She stretches out and allows all the kids to nurse, cleans them and moves them around if they miss a nipple. Oh yes, I do nipple management too, as these poor babes don’t have their eyes open yet. I need to remember that for the resume.

I spent about an hour snapping pictures and here are todays shots. I hope you enjoy them.

Dec 12a 002

Dec 12a 001

Dec 12a 004

Dec 12a 005

Dec 12a 006

Aren’t they sweet?

14 thoughts on “Things That Make You Go “Awwwwwww””

  1. ” Of course she was frantic to get back inside and back to her babies as soon as she could. ”

    What a fab mama! Must be so fun to watch her with them!

    Thanks for the update. It’s so good to get the latest news. Have you named them?

  2. Dearest Maribeth,
    thank you so much I am allowed to share the pictures of the babies and your reports on how they and Greta are doing. It reminds me so much on the situation when we picked her up at the breeder in Germany. Do you remember that we saw new born babies there??
    I am happy you feel soooo good being a “grand-mom”/ nurse for the puppies and Greta.
    Love and hugs, Uschi

  3. Oh they are SO adorable!! I can’t wait to see some video of them falling around and tumbling in play as they get older. It’s going to be SO much fun!!!

  4. Hi Mom,

    The pics are adorable–I have been showing them to my friends, and I think we have all enjoyed them! Hope you have a great day!

    Love you,


  5. The first picture is my favorite! What adorable babies. Greta is a wonderful mommy too! She’s lucky that you are willing to sleep by her to make sure everything is okay!

  6. How cute is that? I’m sure it’s hard work, but at least it pays off with moments of wonderment like these, as is evidenced by the fact that we all essentially say the same thing (“Awww … how cute!”)

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