Life has slowed down right now. There is no rushing around, and much of the time the only sound I hear is the whooshing noise that the oxygen machine makes.

My friend’s sister and I make meals, drink coffee, and keep my darling friend, Candy as comfortable as we can.

Yesterday she asked for few things to eat and we sprung into action.

She remembered my Seafood Lasagna,  so we grabbed all the ingredients for that and made it for dinner. She only ate a few bites, but she smiled the entire time.

I bought some fresh German Klosterbrot and a very fine Leberwurst, and she had small bites of that too!

Since this fabulous German Butcher Shop is so close, I also bought some Leberkase.  Today I will cook a small piece for her with an egg.

We’ve told her anything she wants she can have. Seeing her smile makes it all worth it.

At first we talked quite a bit,  but it’s hard for her to talk now. Mostly she sleeps.

I am just happy to be here, with her, caring for her.

I return to New Hampshire on Thursday. It will be my hardest goodbye ever.

But I am so grateful for this this time. In the years to come I will know the great love we have shared this week.

5 thoughts on “Grateful”

  1. A beautiful thing you are doing for your friend, I’m sure she will go with a smile on her face for what you and her sister have done to comfort her. You’re certainly a true FRIEND!

  2. Prayers for you all and I know the blessings are flowing through your hearts for this time together. xoxox

  3. I’m quite sure your friend was very thankful for you being with her these last few days. God Bless and may he give her peace.
    Safe travels on trip back home.


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