Nurse Mommy

Friday morning I was looking at Anneliese just before sitting down to eat breakfast. I noticed immediately that she had something very wrong with her eye.

20190201_093855I noticed that she had a pitted area on her cornea. I immediately sat down and called the Vet, and made an appointment.

I feared the worst, and I am not too far off really, she does have an ulcer that has gone through two layers of her eye, but has not reached the inner portion of the eye, which would require immediate surgery.

Currently, we are on 4 medications in an intensive attempt to stop and begin to heal the ulceration on the eye.

I had to make up a chart because one medication is once a day, another is twice a day, one is 4four times a day and the other is every four hours! Eeeek! What is a Nurse Mommy to do!

So now I have made up a work sheet with all the times of the day Anneliese’s meds are scheduled and I am trying to stick to it.

However, it is really nice to be home, and with Jack and the doggies again!

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