Queen Victoria

After finishing my book on Queen Victoria, I was left feeling very disappointed. The book, which I had hoped to be a detailed biography was merely the writer’s opinion of the Queen.

Queen Victoria: Icon Of An Era, by Michael W. Simmons, promised so much, and yet really was a disappointment!

The book begins in Victoria’s youth and ends as Albert dies. However, there was no history, merely the writer’s opinions.

So, after watching Young Victoria, with Emily Blount and Rupert Friend (Homeland’s Quinn),


I started watching the PBS version called Victoria.

As much as I appreciate cinematic productions, I wish I could find a good true biography of this rather interesting Queen, who had an amazing impact on life during her times.

Oh well. At least for now I am enjoying binge-watching PBS’s “Victoria” on this frosty cold winter weekend!

4 thoughts on “Queen Victoria”

  1. We love the PBS version of Victoria. I keep looking up facts on Wikipedia during the show. There is a lot of info there – but of course it isn’t a biography.

  2. Surely someone must have written a complete biography that is readable. Keep looking and don’t waste time on books you are not enjoying.

  3. I have read a lot of books about Victoria, she was a quite difficult person except with her Albert. The poor children. She hated to be a mother and got nervous breakdowns when she was pregnant again ! She loved eating a whole pig head and ate everything from the head. Yikes, the ears and the snout ! I have seen a documentary on BBC awful !! I haven’t seen the movie I thought they can never show the truth !

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