Sunday Happenings

Sunday morning I fixed an amazing breakfast. Klosterbrot (German Bread), Leberkäse (A fine German Meatloaf is often eaten at breakfast or lunch), Eggs, Onions sauteed until they were soft, and a wonderful Florida grapefruit that was a gift from my late friend, Candy.


baeckerei_brueckner_Dunkles Klosterbrot_13

The meal was wonderful, and we enjoyed the grapefruit knowing that even though Candy was very sick at Christmas, she had somehow managed to order this box of fruit for us. Three more and we are done. I know I will cry when we eat the last one.

After breakfast, I showered and Jack said we should go and do our grocery shopping. So I dressed and off we went.

We hadn’t done a big shopping since I came home, so it was a three-store marathon, and we got some great deals on meats and vegetables!

Then we stopped at our favorite Chinese Buffet and filled up before heading home. I always know how good or bad I am looking by how the waitress charges me. A Good Day means she doesn’t think I am a senior and I get charged the usual fee. A Bad Day means I look every bit of my 60 years and then some and she charges me at the senior rate. Today was a Good Day!

We’re due for more snow tonight and into tomorrow. 3+ inches of the wet white stuff! Ugh!

Anneliese is doing well. We both think the divot (ulcer) in her eye is better. She goes back to the Specialist at the end of the month. Until then, meds 4 times a day and I am watching her like a hawk!

Happy Monday Everyone!


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  1. Breakfast an that loaf of bread look delicious!! I am so sorry that I missed your post about Candy. I feel bad that I haven’t offered my sympathy before now for the loss of your dear friend. Sending hugs & prayers.

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