The Seasons

Monday was another day of snow here in New Hampshire. I was thinking about this, as I was grumbling about it and then I remembered that I really do love the four seasons, and yes, that includes the snow.


I took this of Anneliese this morning.

I guess that New Englanders like to complain. We complain about the cold and snow in the winter. We complain about the mud and rain in the Spring. You will find me complaining about the heat and humidity in the Summer, and let’s see…do I complain about the Autumn?

IMG_0673 (2)

I took this picture of our Lake Waukewan. It’s one of the best I’ve taken with my cell phone.

Actually, I don’t really complain about Autumn. I like Autumn. Cooler temperatures, clear, sunny skies, and the gorgeous leaves changing colors to all sorts of beautiful reds, gold, oranges, and corals. Yes, Autumn is perfect!

I often need to remind myself that I do like Spring when flowers bloom and grass turns green again. There is so much to celebrate about Springtime, but with a White German Shepherd who enjoys playing in the mud puddles, I admit to complaining a little too much about that.

And Summer? Well, folks, it is nice to run around wearing a lot less clothing and enjoying the longer days of sunlight. So a high temperature of 95+ should just be the price you pay, right? (Thank goodness for Air Conditioning!)

Well enough about the change of Seasons and the Weather. Let’s just say I love all four Seasons, or at least having them, and in some small way, I enjoy gabbing about it too!


3 thoughts on “The Seasons”

  1. It is a great Autumn photo. While we don’t have the extreme cold or the humidity here, we certainly like our four seasons. Australians very much like talking about the weather.

  2. That photo is so beautiful!! Definitely should be in a frame!! People say Florida doesn’t have four seasons. Well, we do but they are much more subtle than up north. Winter in FL is my favorite!!

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