The Friday Five

The Friday Five

I’m finding that the days are going along neither quickly or slowly right now. Each day comes and plays out. That’s fine. I do what I must and then try to take a little time for me. Here is how this week went.

  1. Anneliese is doing very well. Her eye is looking amazing and she is running around like a puppy once again. I am so pleased that this is the case and so far we have avoided surgery.

Anneliese smiling! You can see the small ulcer on her eye, which really has shrunk and healed well. She goes back next week for a check up.

2. I’ve discovered the joys of making fresh salad dressing. So far I have two favorites. Blue Cheese and Greek Vinaigrette. Both are so easy to make and are a joy to use on a fresh salad! I will post the two recipes tomorrow.

3. I’ve begun to plan my trip back to Florida to attend Candy’s Memorial Service. Part of me still cannot believe my dearest friend is gone from this earth.

4. My cousin, Janet, was in a horrific accident on Thursday morning. A woman in an SUV broadsided her car after the woman ran a red light! I am so grateful to God that Janet was not badly injured. Her car, a Prius was totaled.  But, she was able to walk away with bumps, bruises, and scrapes, but no broken bones or serious injury.

5. Arnie has decided that since Anneliese has taken over his bed, he will simply take over the sofa! This is his winter look. I let both of the dackels have a bit more of a coat in the winter. Helps to keep them warm!

A little gray, but not too bad for an old man of 12 years old!

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. The pups are so precious and I am glad Anneliese is doing so much better! So funny that she has taken over Arnie’s bed! Praise God that your cousin Janet is okay! It is great that you are able to come back down for Candy’s memorial service.

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