The Friday Five!

Friday Five

I start my post each week with, ‘ another week has raced by’, and truthfully, it seems that this is the case. I wonder if time does go by so much faster the older we get. I think we become aware that life is finite and we have to go for it and put in as much good stuff as we can.


Although my week wasn’t full of wild and crazy things, I did accomplish a few things I am exceedingly proud of.

  1. I made the most awesome St. Patrick’s Day Dinner and I posted the recipe, so feel free to make it. You will be happy you did. I think also, you could make the recipe with just a plain brisket. Using the same cooking method.
  2. I went to Weight Watchers again this week. It’s the story of my life. I have begun so many diets, only to fall off the wagon.  This was my second week back and I have lost a total of 8 pounds! I am being very mindful of what I am eating. Making very good choices. I have a long way to go, but I am determined to practice good, healthy, eating habits.
  3. After 20 years of having two cupboards for dog food and dog supplies, I cleaned out the larger of the two and now have all the dog items in one place.
  4. I also took notice of the Flea and Tick items during the move and ordered a supply of these products from 1800PetMeds. I have used them for several years and like them. Greta needed a special medication that my Vet didn’t carry and I was able to get it through them.
  5. I have now planned a vacation to visit a friend, in June. I’ll be going alone, and I’ll be gone for six quiet and yet fun-filled days!

So as I close this off, I want to wish you all a very Happy Spring!

May the Melting be with you!

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  1. Time does go faster as we get older. I’m sure there is a mathematical equation that proves it. (winking) I have a cupboard dedicated to cat food but just one. We use and get a shipment once a month. It is working for us!! Congratulations on your Weight Watchers success!! Eight pounds in two weeks is fantastic!

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