Weekend Wrap

Well, this weekend sped by and I was busy cleaning and cooking. The usual 60-year-old housewife stuff. But I’m glad the laundry is done, the beef stew is made and the Greek Salad dressing is done.

I watched Savannah in her play, “Jungle Book Kids” and got to have lunch with my family. All fun!

Savi in the play.
Savannah and her two grandmothers!
Me and my girl!

Savannah was great in her play and we all enjoyed watching her.

Our weather was splendid. Lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures! Yay! Finally a little taste of Spring!

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap”

  1. What a sweet blessing you have in that precious girl!! She is also blessed with two grandmas who love her! Stew sounds good! It is always nice to have the laundry done. Amen!

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