Monday Morning

I woke up this morning, listening to the whistling wind. I also felt cold as I lay in bed under my sheets, blankets, and comforter! Brrrrr!

I took a deep breath, and then I got out of bed, put on my slippers and a robe, and headed to the door. I admit I was dreading opening the door because the last two morning, Lili had been sick and I’d had to deal with poop before my first cup of coffee.

Today, I slowly opened the door to find a very happy Lili, no poop and after walking the dogs briefly in the 26 degrees, snowy weather, I had my first cup of coffee!

Now, I mention the icy cold temperatures, and snow, because this seems to be Mother Natures, April Fools Day joke on us! I mean, really, April 1st and winter weather? Ugh!

I’ve been having some computer issues, and this one is beyond me. I used to not worry, and just call a great guy and computer magician, Brad, but he has gone onto bigger and better things. So, today, I will have to call a new person and arrange a housecall. Ugh!

Otherwise, it’s just another Monday morning! Have a great day!


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning”

  1. Hooray to no poop!! I can’t imagine 26 degrees in April. Oh my goodness. Stay warm up there!!

  2. Oh, minus 3 in our money. Good luck with the new computer person. A someone who has helped people in the past, it is a nightmare as everybody had their computer set up differently and does things differently.

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