It’s All About…Being Thankful

In the last few days, I have been presented with problems in the lives of people that I feel very close to and are dear to me. There is nothing I can do personally for them. Except, of course, pray. However, it has got me thinking about life in general and how very blessed I am.


First, I have a wonderful loving family. A beautiful and intelligent daughter and when she sees me she smiles and lets me know how important I am to her. Even if it is with a loving smile and a sparkle in her eyes.

Next, I have two happy and healthy grandchildren that I adore. I never expected this. I mean, I’d always hoped for grandchildren, but I was thinking that this might be a pleasure I would not have. Then, Savannah came along! What a blessing! Savannah is my little cuddle-bug and when she sees me, her face lights up and she runs into my arms! Oh, love!


Quinn is a tad shyer, but in the last year when I walk into the room, he gives me the cutest boy smile, with all sorts of charm, and he now hugs me before I leave to come home. Boys are so different from girls, something I had to learn.

Next, on my list of people I am thankful for is my husband of 31 years, Jack. I am so lucky to have had this man in my life, who has always been there for me and never given up on me, even when I have been hard to get along with. Trust me, I am no walk in the park.

I am thankful for my family and friends and for my home. So many people have none of these things, and so I remind myself constantly that in truth, I am blessed!

I wonder why people find it difficult to appreciate what they have and stop nitpicking their lives until they die.

Life will never be perfect. But it’s life! Living, breathing, wonderful life. If you are healthy, have a place to live, a few people you share your life with, perhaps a dog or cat, well, you’ve got it made! So many in this world have almost none of that.

Live, Laugh, Love!

31649323_10214986756715441_2623905141576695808_n(My sister and I made a heart with our hands over a memorial plaque for our parents.)

2 thoughts on “It’s All About…Being Thankful”

  1. The finger heart is lovely. I really like the photo of your grandchildren. Very natural. Most, if not all of us who blog are privileged people in this world. Sorry to hear some near and dear have problems. While praying for people is not an Australian thing, if it works for you, good.(please never say a prayer for me. It will cause lightning and thunder somewhere) Some grandchildren, nieces and nephews in my case, come into their own as they get older and some become remote. It is nothing to do with the love that you give them. It is all about them.

  2. You are so right, Maribeth! There is so much to be thankful for and so many blessings around us! Some people just don’t stop to feel it. You grands are adorable!!

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