The Friday Five

People, here we are on the first Friday in May! I cannot believe how fast the year is going. The weirdest part is that we usually have nice warm temperatures now, but it has been cold and rainy. Go figure!

So, here are this weeks Friday Five!

The Friday Five

  1. I had a weird thing happen on Friday. I was expecting a package from Amazon, and the Tracking number showed it had been delivered at 9:30 this morning. But when we got the mail it wasn’t there. Later this afternoon they “found” it. The package had been opened and I suspect that they gave it to the wrong person and fortunately the person was honest and returned it. Probably because the bra inside didn’t fit them!
  2. I came up with 5 garbage bags full of clothes to bring to St. Vincent De Paul. I took everything out of my closet and went through each item and I was amazed at the stuff I no longer wear and needed to go! I was also amazed at how nice my closet looked after!
  3. Today I to for my first visit to the Pain Clinic. I have been in pain since my cervical spine surgery in 2017. Actually before that. I thought I could learn to live with it, but I finally gave up. I cannot deal with the pain, and I need help. I do not want pills and I do not want more surgery, so perhaps some Physical Therapy will help.
  4. Tomorrow is Jack’s Birthday, and I have a Post all ready to go. I will stop on my way home on Saturday and get everything I need to prepare a special meal.
  5. So, are you waiting for Meghan and Harry to have their baby? Do you think she has already given birth, as some reports contend? Are you pro Meghan and Harry, or are you just bored to tears?

5 thoughts on “The Friday Five”

  1. So funny that your brassiere was wrongly delivered. An old age pensioner couple here received a parcel delivery of a couple of kilos of drugs and of course they denied they ordered any drugs and someone else has been arrested, but I know what old people are like.

  2. Harry, yum. I don’t know how to spell his wife’s name and I don’t find her interesting. Maybe I am doing her a disservice.

    I’ll be interested to hear your view of the pain clinic.

  3. Sorry to hear you still have pain. I thought/hoped the last surgery had really helped (once you got past that horrible infection.
    You are an inspiration – I SO need to purge my closet since I wear hardly any of the stuff anymore.
    As for Harry and Meghan, I don’t follow them closely but I love that they are forging their own way. Good for them!

  4. Amazon…they delivered something to me once,left it on the porch, even took a picture. I didn’t receive the package. I looked at the photo — it wasn’t my porch.

  5. I wish the Royals well, but I have nothing invested in them and do find it rather boring. I don’t even know when the baby is due. Sorry! Please keep us posted about your pain therapy!! Funny about the package! I cleaned my closet out and also had five bags to donate. Amazing what we accumulate. Happy weekend!

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