Weekend Wrap May 6, 2019

Happy Cinco De Mayo plus one!

Sunday was Cinco De Mayo! So, I decided to make Tacos and Refried Beans for our dinner last night. I also had a very ripe Avacado, which I sliced up.

Jack is always happy with this meal. He enjoys the Tacos and Beans, but he also enjoys the next day when I take the leftovers and make him Super Nachos! Which I will do for his lunch. For me, it’s back to my riced vegetables and chicken.

Saturday and Sunday were both quiet days for me. My only chores were cooking meals.

For Jack’s Birthday, I cooked fresh Maine Lobsters, Asparagus and Baked Potatoes. I’d gotten good size Lobsters, and they were the hard shell ones. This means that you really have to work at cracking them open, but it also means that you get the maximum amount of meat. By the time we finished eating them, we were both stuffed!


I was pretty tired both Saturday and Sunday night and I slept really well. So glad about that, I needed it.

Anneliese’s allergies are back and pretty bad. The poor girl gets areas broken out under her arms and on her belly. I washed her down with her special soap last night after I’d used the doggy clippers to remove the hair on her belly and under her arms. Today I will be treating her with hydrocortisone cream.

So that’s a wrap on my weekend. I hope you all had a good one too!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap May 6, 2019”

  1. Poor little Anneliese. She is so lucky to have you for her mommy! Fresh lobster!! Wow!! I wouldn’t know how to begin to cook one, let alone two but they sure are good! Glad you got some rest over the weekend!

  2. Cracking open lobster shells is probably what made you so tired. Poor Anneliese. I hope the treatment works quickly.

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