The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Another week has come and gone. Despite my wanting to have a quiet week, this one turned into an incredibly busy one. Here’s what’s happening on The Lake.

  1. I decided that I want to have some patio pots this year with a few things like tomatoes, herbs and possibly peppers. I do not want to have too much, just enough to satisfy my gardening spirit.
  2. I cooked a lot this week. And when there were leftovers I made something from them and then froze those for Jack. I have three meals put aside for him for when I go off for a few days in June. The latest was today. I made an awesome Tomato-Basil & Garlic Meat Spaghetti Sauce. And it came out so well! I fear these meals will all be so good, Jack will want me to go off more often! Ha!
  3. I usually wait until the weekend to do laundry, but on Thursday I did all the laundry, hung out a lot of it, and got it all done! I am scaring myself with how much I have accomplished!
  4. I had cleaned my closet out and had 5 bags of clothes and two twin size comforters to donate. Not only did I remember to get them into the Highlander before WW on Wednesday, but I brought them into St. Vincent DePaul, and remembered my receipt!
  5. Oh, I just looked outside and can see a few things like forsythia, and cherry blossoms and Rhododendrons too!

20190509_171719 20190509_172106


Just a few pictures of the Cherry Blossoms, Forsythia, and Rhododendron.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!

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  1. Can you please bottle some of your energy and share it with me? I need to tackle my walk-in closet. I did the over-flow guest room closet a month of so ago, but my big closet has become a minor mess. Sigh. Lovely flowers! Good luck with your mini garden!!

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