Savi’s Pool Party & Cookout!

Yesterday the Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents all met up at Mandy and Matt’s place to celebrate Savannah’s 7th Birthday! How did this happen? One day I remember going to the hospital and meeting this little bit of sweetness, and now she is a grown girl of 7!

20190525_174011I have watched her grow and change and I am in awe of the sweet young girl she has become. She is kind to other children, and I know, her heart is big and she is full of caring for others. She is an amazing big sister to her little brother and puts up with a lot from him. He is her baby and she acts motherly toward him.

20190525_174032The pool was warm (it’s heated) so I went swimming with Savi, Quinn and darling little Lily. Three children under the age of 7! It was so much fun. I kind of floated around and the kids were doing cannon-balls around me to splash me, and each time I laughed and giggled and encouraged them to do it again! Oh, the joy of playing games with the little ones!

Soon we had our barbecue of hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, chips, salads and then birthday cake! A perfect kids meal!

Savannah opened her gifts and she worked at reading every card, for each gift. She did pretty well. But my suggestion to Hallmark is to make early reader cards for young ones!


She also made sure that the gift giver was nearby to watch her open the gift!

20190525_180051And then, she opened my gift. Oh my goodness I’ve been planning this since we went to Disney in January and I saw the way she enjoyed Moana!

I found an American Girl Wellie Wisher Doll, who looks like she is Hawaiian, and I also found the Moana outfit for the doll! Instead of giving her this separately, I took the doll out of the box and dressed her up in the outfit and put her back in.

When she opened the box and saw what it was she called out “Moana”!

20190525_175711Seeing the happiness and the delight, just made my entire day!

All too soon the day ended and we headed home. Lucky for us there was no traffic and we made the trip home in record time. With three happy doggies waiting for us!

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  1. What a perfect reaction to the gift you gave your sweet girl! I know your heart was just bursting!! Great photos and Savi is adorable!

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