The Weekend Wrap May 27, 2019

I’ve been crazily working myself each day. I stood at the counter yesterday, glanced at Jack and told him, I was tired!

I suppose I could recount all the things I did yesterday, but I think that would simply make you tired. Suffice it to say, we have clothes to wear, food to eat, and my dresser no longer looks like a catch-all for everything in that room!

I so enjoyed the sunshine and rather hot temperatures yesterday. After a bleak and cold Spring, it is nice to finally be getting some nice weather. The Apple Trees are blossoming and my Snowball bush has their chunky flowers, although they are still green, not having turned their beautiful white.

20190522_163547A beautiful Apple Blossom!

I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I had with the children at Savannah’s party! Three little ones and me in the pool! It was so much fun splashing around, watching the smiles on their faces and listening to their giggles! Did anyone get a picture?

I am hoping my daughter will have another pool type party soon and invite me and the kids!

I leave on my much-needed vacation in a week. I am not visiting anyone, I am simply going off to recharge my batteries. I cannot recall a year where I have been faced with so many challenges in the first half of the year, with absolutely no time to rest. So this is my time, and I plan to sleep, rest and just enjoy the quiet. Movie and books figure into this as well!

I will try to post each day, but if I miss you will know I slept in and was feeling lazy.

Anneliese gets her stitches out tomorrow, and Lili goes back for an ear re-check and her yearly shots. After learning that our girl is really too skittish both in the car and at the Vet, we have tranquilizers for her.

20190526_114616Anneliese, sound asleep and snoring. If you look closely you can see her little tongue sticking out!

Our 18-month-old coffee maker died. I seem to have no luck with any coffee makers since my 12-year-old Braun Coffee Maker died back in the 1990s! THAT was such a good unit. They do not make it anymore and after the 6 pots in six years Kitchen Aide fiasco, I’d hoped that the Cuisinart 14-cup one would last.  Alas, that is not the case.

We do drink a lot of coffee in this house, and the machine is used to brew at least one, sometimes two full pots a day. Still, I think they should last longer.

So that’s the latest from New Hampshire. Enjoy your week my friends! Spring has finally sprung in the northern hemisphere!

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