Here & There & Everywhere!

As we continue with our busy-ness, Tuesday finds us having to be in four places in very short periods of time.

The Recycling Center, The Vets with Lili and Anneliese, A meeting with a financial advisor, and then a meeting with a company about the upper portion of our driveway that is very close to washing out.

So we are dividing up the jobs and we will hit the ground running right after breakfast.

Monday found us crazily doing all sorts of things. After a couple of years of not having a garden, I have gotten a few plants and will tend to patio pots this summer. I am actually pretty excited about this.

The Tourists have arrived here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire! The traffic was bumper to bumper and I have to say that when I tried to merge into traffic, a car from New Jersey, and Vermont, refused to let me in. Finally, a New Hampshire car waved me in and I was able to merge. Ugh! Summer.

I do love the warm months, but I do not enjoy the Tourists, who seem to think they own the place and are rude. This is my town. I pay the taxes that keep this place beautiful and clean for you to enjoy! Bah! I sound like an old woman! Wait! I am an old woman!

I will leave you with this wonderful picture of a bee. I know many of you hate bees, but I was able to get this photo as the bee was pollinating our apple trees.

Bee 2I love this picture. It is amazing what you can do with your cell phone camera!

4 thoughts on “Here & There & Everywhere!”

  1. Why would anyone hate bees? They are so important for pollination for a start, never mind honey. It’s a great photo. Interesting about the tourists.

  2. I sing the same song as you do about tourists (snowbirds). Ours are mostly gone and now you have them! Ha! Hope you got all your errands done and can relax this afternoon!

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