Another Busy Day

Despite the weather (more rain), Jack and I managed to get all of our errands and meetings and appointments were taken care of on Tuesday. I meant we were up early (some of us earlier than others), wolfed down our breakfast and headed out to our various destinations.

Lili had been dosed with a strong tranquilizer, and she was amazingly good in the car. She was also easy to deal with in the Vet’s office and I am happy to announce that her ears are nearly healed! Yahoo! Finally! She has had these yeasty ears for years!

Next Anneliese had her stitches out. Her incision looks great. I asked this Vet what she thought of the pathology report  and she said this:

“Anneliese is nearly 13 years old. She has had a wonderful life with you and Jack. She has been well loved. She is remarkably healthy and if her cancer does not spread quickly, the chances are very good that she will live another 2+ years! Think positive!”


She’s right. We will enjoy her and spoil her and take her for rides in the car and everything will be what it is. If we do this, then Anneliese will enjoy her life and we will enjoy her!

Our other appointments were accomplished on time and we sat down to a dinner of Scallops and Broccoli by six thirty! It was the end of a pretty good day!

3 thoughts on “Another Busy Day”

  1. Awww… good news for sweet Anneliese. Glad the yeasty ears are cleared up for your Lili!! Our cat, Vinny, had them and it took three visits to the Vet to get them cleaned up. Oh how I love scallops!! Yum!

  2. It’s sad when our furry friends get cancer, but I’m sure you’ll spoil Anneliese and give her a great few years.

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