Happy 7th Birthday Savannah

Today is my granddaughter, Savannah’s 7th Birthday! Last year her Mommy and Daddy took her and Quinn to Disney World, and I made a video of their trip photos.

This year all she wanted was to spend some time with her Mommy. Well, my daughter planned a nice trip just for the two of them!

Savi's Big AdventureMandy did not tell Savannah about their trip until she had to. Here is Savannah when she learned they were off on a Grand Adventure!

Their flight took them straight to Orlando and they taxi’s over to Disney and their adventure began at the Bipity Bopity Boo Boutique!

Here is Princess Savannah after her magical make-over.

savi copy And here she is meeting The Beast from Beauty and the Beast!

Savi & the Beast

Below is the montage from last year. She has grown and changed and has so many new teeth!

I want my darling to know, that she is amazing and that I love her with all of my heart! Happy Birthday, Savannah!


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  1. How great to get a special birthday trip to Disney!! She is such a lovely young lady!! Happy birthday to Savannah!

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