Last week flew by for me. I was so incredibly busy trying to get organized. I am really not an organized person, try as I might. I somehow know how I would like things to be but have trouble following through.

In any case, last week each day with Jack’s help, I was able to get a lot done. Some of it was paperwork, some of it was laundry and some was packing for my mysterious solo vacation.

But I think the most labor intensive job was getting out the dogs crunchies and measuring out their food for the days I will be gone. To Anneliese’s bags, I add her pills and sealed them up. Then all Jack has to do is toss each bag into the appropriate dish and add the wet food.

My suitcase is nearly packed now, and yesterday I pulled out my travel documents.

I also have a new hair cut. I have not gotten a good picture yet. The new style is stacked in the back, and a little longer in the front. I can wear it like this, or tucked behind my ears.


I’m enjoying the shorter hair. And the straighter hair. After over a decade of curly curls, I needed a change. Of course, this means I am learning to master a flat iron! It’s a challenge, but I’ll get there.

During my vacation, I will try to post, but this trip is really quiet downtime, so I may not do much. I will try to at least ready everyone, but I may not comment.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Your shorter cut is so cute on you! I wish you rest and peace on your solo trip and look forward to hearing about when you return! Safe travels!!

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