A Mommy’s Work

Like any mother of children, cats or dogs, we all have that day where we get puked on. Our beloved children or pets don’t mean to do this, but in their feeling of sickness, they just want to be near the one who makes them feel comforted.

Such was the case this morning.

It started when Anneliese came up the stairs onto my chair and jumped toward me. I had a freshly cleaned, special shirt on, that I’d planned to wear out to lunch with old friends, and my coffee spilled down the front of it. Ugh!

Downstairs I went, immediately treated the coffee stain and then came back up, dressed (again).

About this time, Jack got up and wanted breakfast, so, short order cook that I am, I started his bacon. I felt something squishy under my left sneaker and looked down.

Doggy puke!

Not just on my sneaker, but somehow she’d managed to hit two rugs as well!

So while attempting to cook bacon, I had to toss the carpets down to the laundry room, clean my sneakers, wash my hands repeatedly, and make Jack’s breakfast!

Somehow I managed to do this. Jack is happily eating his breakfast, the kitchen floor is clean, as are my sneakers.

But let’s add that up. 1 shirt and two rugs to launder, 1 pair of sneakers to clean, 1 breakfast made and dogs to watch and walk.

Still, despite all the work, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2 thoughts on “A Mommy’s Work”

  1. Back in the day, I’d routinely suit up for work, then have to change my clothes… my daughters, as babies, were very prone to spitting up. You have my sympathy

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