In the last six months, I have felt a great change in me. It probably was a result of losing Candy, and then several other close friends in rapid succession, but it all got me thinking.

I’m sixty. I know I mention this often, but I watch how my friends have been dropping like flies and I realize that I am truly more than halfway through my life. I know I need to work a little harder at getting my life all together, so I can ease into my mid-sixties and seventies.

Although my bones creak and pop, in my mind I do not feel sixty! In my mind, I still see myself at this young non-number age. Young, definitely not past middle age!


I have started to stop and smell the flowers, to feed the birds and then sit and watch them.

Life is passing by so quickly and my plan is to savor each day I have.

P6200021 copySo, I will enjoy the sights, sounds, and joys all around me, and keep working to lighten my closets and drawers and prepare for the future!

One thought on “Thoughts”

  1. At the more advanced age of 73, I can attest that life is fleeting, savoring each moment is a must. Great plan so stick to it!!! Or as it was said many years ago on the Mickey Mouse Club, use your stick-to-itivity. Remember that one? Lol

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